GEMA, a fashion and accurate wellness tracker with long lasting battery.

Beautiful tech.
Smart design.

Record your journey to well-being with GEMA wellness tracker with style and accuracy, designed as an elegant and personalized bracelet, very easy to use and stressless.

An elegant wellness tracker you'll love to wear.

We designed the duoveo Gema to be an elegant piece of technology that you’ll be proud to wear everywhere you go, whatever you do.

More than a fitness tracker.

GEMA is your companion in your journey to well-being.

No charging required

Never worry again about your battery running low or dying daily. Gema boasts the longest battery life in the smart wearable market, with a battery that lasts up to a year, ensuring uninterrupted activity tracking for you.

Wear it and forget it

Gema is designed to be non-intrusive in your day-to-day life. Screenless, Gema won’t blink, or vibrate, allowing you to focus on what matters the most – yourself.

Designed for every moment

Gema merges desired functionality in a sleek, lightweight design. Discreet, comfortable, and splash-resistant.

It's available in five leather band colors with two jewelry-style finishes, offering various engraving options for a stylish tracker on your wrist.

Get a complete view of your wellness

A free app that tracks your progress in a blink

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