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GEMA is designed to empower you on your journey to a healthier, happier you. With its blend of precision engineering and stylish aesthetics, GEMA is more than a tracker—it's a wellness companion that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Key Benefits of GEMA:

  • Precision at Your Fingertips: GEMA provides accurate insights into your fitness, sleep patterns, body temperature, and more, helping you make informed decisions for your well-being.
  • Style Meets Substance: Crafted with elegance and sophistication, GEMA effortlessly complements your fashion sense, making a statement wherever you go.
  • Tailored to Your Goals: Customize GEMA to match your unique wellness objectives, from tracking your daily steps to monitoring your workouts.
  • Non-intrusive Technology: We firmly believe that stress-free, unobtrusive technology is the way forward. That's why GEMA is meticulously crafted to discreetly capture your activity. Simply wear it and let it fade into the background!
  • Wellness Insights: GEMA's user-friendly app provides valuable insights and progress tracking, empowering you to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

Experience GEMA and Discover Your Best Self

GEMA is more than a tracker—it's your partner in achieving balance, vitality, and a life well-lived. Invest in yourself with GEMA today and take the first step toward a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Express Yourself

Your wellness journey is as unique as you are. Tailor your tracker to your style and Personality with a variety of customization options.

Record your journey to well-being with style and accuracy

Very easy to use and stressless, Gema is designed as an elegant and personalized bracelet, that records your physical activities and summarizes them into a unique wellness-effort value.

More about GEMA

Discover the sleek and intelligent Gema bracelet, your daily activity tracker worn on your wrist. With its subtle design and seamless app integration, Gema provides convenient and accurate 24/7 data flow.

GEMA is your new wellness companion

24/7 data recording

  • Steps
  • Calories
  • Stairs
  • Distances
  • Sleep Quality
  • Skin Temperature

A personalized activity tracking to boost your motivation

Gema promotes activity by tracking steps, distance, elevation, calories, sleep, temperature, and inactivity. Indicators and the wellness index offer insights into your activity level and well-being. Your Gema experience becomes more personalized and valuable with use.

GEMA monitors and analyzes your sleep

Struggling with sleep? You're not alone. Gema analyzes your sleep data, assessing duration, consistency of bedtime and waking up, and overall quality.

Every morning, you have an overview of how you slept the night before, complete with a score and sleep information.

Three indicators and a wellness index to help you take care of yourself

duoveo's wellness index simplifies your various exercises into a single value, considering your weekly activity for a comprehensive overview.

We assess your physical condition, comparing it to guidelines to gauge if your exercise meets the criteria.

The additional indicators, P, C, and E, connect to the wellness index, reflecting progression, consistency, and weekly monitoring. Together, they validate if you're on track to meet your wellness goals.

More about GEMA

Does GEMA have a GPS?

No, the duoveo Gema doesn’t have an integrated GPS. The device is designed to be as easy and non-intrusive as possible. However, since the Gema has its own duoveo app, the GPS data will still be tracked if you decide to.

What material is available for the wristband?

For now, all 5 colors of wristbands are made in pure natural leather, and we are very proud of it! It makes it the most elegant tracker on the market. They are even reversible.

Does GEMA count calories burned 24/7 even while asleep?

Yes it does. duoveo Gema runs on a coin cell battery that lasts for up to a year, so you don’t have to worry about constantly charging your fitness tracker. So you can keep it at night, it won’t run out of battery.

Is GEMA waterproof?

GEMA is resistant to splashes. However, it is not designed for submersion, exposure to shower water, or running water over it.

Are engraving options for women only?

The duoveo Gema can be personalized with different patterns. The leaves are just one example.

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